(Monrovia, Tuesday, May 7, 2024): Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General James Dorbor Jallah has reaffirmed the agency’s commitment, under his administration, to fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration among its staff to meet revenue targets.  In a series of office-to-office engagements held on Monday (May 6), CG Jallah emphasized the importance of creating a “safe space” where employees feel empowered to voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions to enhance revenue collection efforts.

Highlighting his belief in “collective leadership,” CG Jallah underscored the significance of welcoming innovative ideas and protecting the constructive voices within the LRA. He emphasized that transparency, accountability, integrity, and innovation are essential pillars for driving success in the workplace – and these values are fostered through open communication void of reprisals. Acknowledging the expertise of LRA employees across its 73 units, CG Jallah emphasized that their input is crucial to achieving the Authority’s goal of meeting billion-dollar revenue mark.

He assured staff that the LRA is now officially recognized as a safe environment where dissenting opinions are respected, provided they are expressed with mutual respect and without undermining the agency’s function. “One important message I want to leave with all of you is that the LRA is now declared a safe space of work, where you can express yourself freely and disagree with your bosses, including myself, the Commissioner General,” the CG noted. While emphasizing the apolitical nature of the LRA, CG Jallah stressed the institution’s dedication to collecting lawful revenue for Liberia’s development, urging staff to uphold this responsibility without compromise.

In recognition of staff dedication and commitment over the past years, CG Jallah applauded their efforts in increasing revenue from US$400 million to US$700 million over the years. He expressed confidence in reaching the US$1 billion milestone in the near future and called for staff support and collaboration to achieve this goal. CG Jallah also pledged, with the availability of resources, to restore key benefits and incentives to motivate staff and enhance domestic revenue growth.

The Commissioner General’s personal engagement with each office was met with enthusiasm from staff, who expressed their willingness and commitment to contributing to Liberia’s development through increased revenue generation.