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The Online Services Section of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) is designed to facilitate various tax-related activities through a digital platform. This section aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of tax administration and compliance by providing taxpayers with convenient and accessible online tools. Among multiple others, key features include:

  • Liberia Integrated Tax System (LITAS): A comprehensive system for managing tax processes.
  • E-Payments: Options for payments via bank transfers and Visa cards.
  • Tax Tools: Online calculators and verification tools for accurate tax calculations.
  • Digital Services: Acquisition of Tax Clearance Certificates and Tax Identification Numbers.

The essence of our online platform is to enable taxpayers to fulfill their obligations from anywhere, at any time, reducing processing times and administrative burdens. It also provides clear and accessible information on tax matters.

Paying taxes and accessing the services of the LRA is seamless and easy.  We have automated several of our processes and activities and placed them online and in your hands.  Paying taxes post-Coronavirus when we all have to social distance requires that we are  inventive and accommodating of new ideas and ways of getting things done.  

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