CG Dorbor Jallah ApplaudsTaxpayers As LRA Turns 10

Monrovia, July 1, 2024 – The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) marks its 10th anniversary today (July 1), commemorating a decade of significant achievements and expressing gratitude to the nation’s taxpayers for their unwavering commitment and support. In a special statement, Commissioner General James Dorbor Jallah highlighted the remarkable progress in tax administration and the crucial role of taxpayers in have played in Liberia’s development over the last one decade.

Ten years ago, the LRA commenced its operations with a mission to enhance tax collection, improve efficiency, and promote transparency. Over the past decade, the authority has successfully increased domestic revenue from an annual collection of US$400 million to nearly US$800 million, amassing a total revenue of at least US$4.3 billion. This substantial growth underscores the dedication and compliance of responsible taxpayers across the country.

“The increased revenue has had a profound impact on our nation’s growth and development,” stated Commissioner General Jallah. “Through your tax contributions, this and previous governments have been able to create greater opportunities, including investments in infrastructure development, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for our nation. We salute your invaluable contributions to making Liberia better.”

The Commissioner General also acknowledged the dedication and commitment of LRA staff who have been instrumental in improving tax collection processes, engaging with taxpayers, and ensuring fairness and accountability. “Their efforts, combined with your cooperation, have enabled us to build a tax system grounded in integrity, mutual respect, and trust,” Jallah added.

Over the years, the LRA has made significant strides in digitizing tax payment processes. Initiatives such as mobile tax payment, direct bank transfer, paperless customs declaration, and the recently implemented Liberia Integrated Tax Administration System (LITAS) have modernized tax administration, expanded the tax net, and enhanced compliance. These efforts have contributed to the doubling of annual revenue collection, embodying the authority’s slogan, “Moving to the Billions.”

As the LRA celebrates this milestone, Commissioner General Jallah emphasized the authority’s commitment to addressing challenges, simplifying processes, and improving services to ensure a progressive, equitable, and accessible tax system for all. Continuous investment in technology and innovation remains a priority to enhance efficiency, reduce bureaucracy, and make the tax-paying experience more convenient and transparent.

“On this 10th Anniversary of the LRA, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting a culture of tax compliance, responsibility, and transparency,” Jallah stated. “We encourage every taxpayer to continue collaborating with us, fulfilling your civic duty, and supporting our nation’s development. Together, we can build a prosperous Liberia for ourselves and the generations to come. As we say at LRA, ‘Pay Tax We All Enjoy.’” The Liberia Revenue Authority extends its heartfelt gratitude to all taxpayers and wishes everyone a Happy 10th LRA Anniversary.