Get the LRA Visa Card

Thanks for seeking to acquire the LRA Tax Card, a collaboration between the Liberia Revenue Authority and the United Bank of Africa (UBA).  The LRA Tax Card is a game-changer because it is a prepaid card that is also a VISA CARD and can be used to pay taxes and at the same time used for shopping, in ATMs and online. The card is used anywhere in the world.  If you have a UBA account you can move money to the LRA Tax Card seamlessly through the UBA App or online banking or your mobile phone by dailing *919#.   

But importantly, it is cheaper to load than acquiring a manager check.  Acquiring the LRA CARD is US$8.00, and after that, it is only US$2.00 to load.    Please begin the application for the LRA CARD by attaching an Identification Card (ID):  Accepted ID includes National ID, Passport and Driver License: