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The Taxpayer Advocate Service is designed for taxpayers who are experiencing problems in dealing with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA). Our job is to ensure that every taxpayer is treated fairly. We offer free help to guide you through the process of resolving tax/customs problems that you haven’t been able to resolve on your own.
Most tax/customs problems are resolved promptly through regular channels. However, after contacting LRA, if you still have difficulty in resolving your problem, our office will be able to help you
2. What Is The Criteria To Qualify For Taxpayer Advocate Service?
  • If you experience delay beyond the articulated processing time and system failure.
  • If you’ve tried to resolve your tax /customs issues through normal LRA channels and have gotten nowhere.
  • If you or your business is facing an immediate action from the LRA that will adversely affect you or your business.
  • If you are a victim of unfair administration of any tax regulation, or your rights as a taxpayer have been violated.
The following are some situations in which the Taxpayer Advocate is unable to assist you:
    1. To change the statutory time limits for filing payments or refunds.
If you experience delay beyond the articulated processing time, TAS will ensure timely and efficient processing but would not change the time limits that are stipulated in the law.
    1. To reverse legal or technical tax determinations
If you receive a tax determination from the LRA, TAS will ensure that the determination is fair and in accordance with the tax laws.
    1. To replace legislative entitlements
If you are entitled to any benefits or privileges such as Duty Free, etc., TAS will ensure that you are accorded said benefits consistent with the law, and in a fair and transparent manner. TAS does not have the authority to introduce new entitlements.
  1. To waive taxes
3. How To Contact The Taxpayer Advocate?
The Taxpayer Advocate Office is located at the headquarters of the Liberia Revenue Authority, ELWA Junction.
You can reach our office by telephone at: (231)881-959-475 or (231) 778959475. You can email us at or fill in the Form 911 (complaint form) on the LRA website and submit