[Monrovia, Liberia – April 27, 2024] 

Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General Dorbor Jallah has reiterated his dedication to curbing illicit practices within customs operations, including false declarations and under-reporting, to grow the country’s revenue.

Commissioner General (CG) Jallah highlighted the vital role customs brokers have to play in the nation’s economic landscape, while cautioning against unethical practices such as advising clients to falsify or understate goods and materials. Among others, licensed by the LRA, Customs Brokers serve as intermediaries between businesses and the tax authority, facilitating the clearance of imported goods and ensuring the payment of necessary taxes and fees.

Addressing the 10th inaugural ceremony of the National Customs Brokers Association of Liberia (NCBAL) on Friday (April 26, 2024), CG Jallah stressed the importance of integrity in the work of customs brokers, which hinges on fostering revenue collection and sustaining the economy. He underscored the pivotal role customs brokers play in facilitating trade and therefore urged them to uphold honesty, integrity, and accountability in their endeavors.

CG Jallah affirmed the LRA’s commitment to providing comprehensive training for customs brokers to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in handling customs duties, clearance procedures, and tax payments. While applauding and congratulating the new leadership of NCBAL, Commissioner Jallah challenged them to be dedicated leaders who will ensure transparency and accountability within the custom brokerage sector.

The LRA, the CG disclosed, is developing a system to publish the names of licensed customs brokers on its website, allowing taxpayers and the public to provide reviews about their works, both positive and negative, thereby reinforcing accountability measures. In his inaugural address, James Hinneh, the new President of NCBAL, emphasized the necessity for technical training among association members.

In expressing gratitude for the LRA’s historical support, Hinneh called upon the authority to recognize customs brokers as professionals who are integral to revenue growth and the facilitation of trade and commerce in the country.